Imagine All Possibilities

Photo courtesy of National Geographic
Photo courtesy of National Geographic

Imagine children think differently about illness. Imagine children’s thoughts change the body chemistry to harmonize it back to health. Is it possible?

Imagination is the prism of reality. A child controls illness through their thoughts? Is it possible through meditation and prayer? Meditation is the first line of defense for stress. Illness is a stressful situation.

Imagine All Possibilities

Would we think a child would be able to tolerate a chemotherapy treatment if it was called love therapy? Imagine a love drip going into a child’s vein to embrace the cancer cells back to health. Think about changing the cancer cell to a healthy cell.

Imagine All Possibilities

With magic, children open the portal of imagination. Is it possible to speed the recovery time of an illness through imagination, prayer and meditation with conventional medicine?

What about journal writing and art therapy? Getting the emotions on paper can help cope with hospitalization.

Imagine All Possibilities

My book shows how imagination and other coping skills play a part in the healing process. Illness does not only consist of a physical component. We must also look at the other components – mental, emotional and spiritual. Equipped with coping skills, children believe they are in control of their situation.

Imagine All Possibilities

Hospitalization is not like a band-aid effect of staying home because of a small cut. Change is taking place when a child adapts to a new environment.

Imagine All Possibilities

Fear plays a major role in illness. How do you calm a child’s fear of being in a different environment? It is important for children to believe they are part of the team.

When children are empowered, the fear dissolves to love. Giving children the freedom to think differently will speed their recovery time back to health or cope to control their medical condition.

Imagine All Possibilities

Claudia Casciato


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