Speak Heart Speak

UnknownWait. Here it comes. Drum roll please. Lub dub, lub dub, lub dub goes the heart.

There is nothing to worry. The heart is beating a little faster than usual. Three months of in and out of emergency was a life-changing event.

No one could explain the unknown of my heart. Why am I feeling this way? With all the technology provided, my heart became a mystery. I didn’t know anything.


Maybe my heart wants to tell me something but I was so busy with life I did not have time to hear what it had to say. Speak heart speak.

I should know what is going on since I was part of the medical field as a nurse. At the same time, I feel the symptoms now like my patients used to tell me about their symptoms. I dealt with PTSD work related accidents. I should be able to cope with this situation. I don’t have a clue to put this puzzle together. Speak heart speak.

Meditation and prayer are my first clue to guide me in a state of calmness to understand to communicate with my heart. Journal writing helped me express my emotions. Speak heart speak.

Second clue was the words I put on paper for I felt I was on an emotional rollercoaster. The words flowed out like musical notes. Whose life have I been orchestrating? Have I truly answered what is in my heart? It is hard to understand. It’s like I want to protect my heart from rejection and the pain of the past. This is not what is stopping me. It is me. It’s easy to sing the tune of the past. It is a broken record. Sing a new tune. The new music will awaken your heart.

Speak heart speak.

“Orchestrate your life and the music will flow through your heart.”

Surrender. Reflect. Envision a new day with infinite possibilities. Now I understand why my heart felt this way. I ignored my heart’s dream. I pushed it aside for I believed I had all the time in the world to write my children’s book.

Speak heart speak.

During this time I completed my writing course with the Institute of Children’s Literature. I knew once my heart was under medical supervision, I was in the process of performing a mental procedure to prepare to write “THE MAGIC HORSE”.

The third clue was to believe in myself that I would pull through this ordeal. It took a lot of courage to face each day though I didn’t have the physical energy. It was my spiritual energy through prayer to keep me going till my heart condition was under control. Speak heart speak.

The puzzle is complete. I am living my heart’s dream through my writing and empowering others to follow their heart’s dream. It’s amazing to have this life-changing event. I call it a blessing. If it weren’t for my heart condition, the book may never have been published. It is the universal pull that awakens you to envision all possibilities. The heart has spoken and I am singing a new tune. Speak heart speak.



Speak heart speak.
For only you know the Truth for you are my ocean with all my emotions.
Speak heart speak.
For you will reveal all my dreams so I can reach my true potential.
Speak heart speak.
For the pain of the past has no voice.
For the future has not spoken.
Speak heart speak.
For you will reveal my present life
For you are my true life.
Speak heart speak.




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