The Magic Horse theory

Book coverThe unknown creates from nothing to envision all possibilities.

Writing my book is the creativity of nothing. Imagination is the entrance to the creative zone. It is a message for children to show imagination is a powerful tool to help them cope with difficult situations like trauma or hospitalization or death.

This is my first sentence of my writing on November 22, 1998.

“One day a child was sitting up in her bed, praying that she will feel better so she could go to school.”

Simple introduction to a story, but it continues to the next sentence.

“As she was praying, she heard a thud.”

The building foundation of the story is the starting point on the map of a spiritual journey.

“Thud again. She was so scared, she covered herself under her bed sheets.”

Imagine how the next sentence flows to create the next image. A magic horse from Heaven visits Earth?

Animals are therapy for children. Add magic, children open the portal of imagination.

“Then all of a sudden, she saw a light. The light shone and suddenly appeared a white horse with gold wings and a black diamond on its forehead.”

Imagination is freedom. It has no space or time factor. It can happen anywhere and everywhere. Imagination makes children believe all is possible. Imagine a connection between Heaven and Earth. Imagine being a secret agent of God. Imagine children teach others about the healing powers of Heaven.

“Yes, you will be a secret agent of God,” he explained. “It’s time for you to teach others about the healing powers of Heaven.”

Instilling children with coping skills will help them face difficult situations. Meditation is the first line of defense for stress.  My book shows how meditation and imagination interconnects in the healing process. Imagination is the prism of reality. Imagine children visiting Heaven from Earth. The next stop on the map of the spiritual journey is to help children believe in themselves.

“Believe in yourself and you will conquer all.”

Helping children to have control of their own thoughts. Giving children the freedom to make their own choices is to build their self-confidence. They challenge themselves to make better decisions.

Creative thinking inspires children to reach their True potential. Art is a form of creative thinking. Art therapy is a great coping skill for children to express themselves. Journal writing is another coping skill to express their feelings. Every coping skill we equip children with prepares them for life changing events throughout life.

The best coping skill is Love. Support of others in a difficult situation makes children feel safe. Having an open heart during a difficult situation plays an important role. Believe to see is Faith. Embrace death, not fear it. The spiritual journey helps children realize it’s okay to have doubts and fear to confront a difficult situation. When children learn about coping skills, they will face these situations with more ease, heal faster and move forward on the next stop on the path of the spiritual journey.

I believe Albert Einstein said it best, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.

My book takes children on a magical, spiritual journey. Through imagination to believe to see death in a different way will assist children to move forward through their healing process.  My book shows how a magic horse from Heaven is a great influencer.

How children teach others to open their hearts with the healing powers of Heaven. In the end the last stop on the path of the spiritual journey is love. Love is eternal and never dies.

– Claudia


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